Blue Islands to the White Valley

It doesn’t seem so long ago that travelling to your winter holiday resort of choice involved a trudge through the dreaded Gatwick Airport. A journey that once took the best part of a day can now be completed in just a matter of hours, thanks to the efficiency and regularity of Jersey based airline Blue Islands.

It takes us less than 4 hours to travel between our front door on Jersey to our new Alpine holiday lodge in Morzine. Here are a few other reasons why we love Blue Islands so much…

  • They don’t charge for baggage, excess baggage or ski and snowboard carriage, which makes a very refreshing change indeed!
  • Their executive departure lounges in Jersey and Guernsey are free! Which means you begin your holiday in luxury – the way you expect it continue!
  • The four flights a week between Jersey and Geneva (on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) depart at 11am and after a quick 1 hour 15 minute airport transfer to Morzine, you’ll be toasting your feet in front of our fire and sipping a fine glass of wine before you know it.
  • Blue Islands offer air travel the way it should be – hassle free, with friendly, helpful service.

Visit the Blue Islands website for more information, and for fares this coming winter starting from just £146.